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ABC Family UK was a sister channel of ABC Canada. The channel rebranded with a new name on in January 2016. The authorities of the channel stated that they’re changing their name and distancing themselves from ABC to bring an evolution. This change will help the channel to produce a strong image of their new service called ‘Becomers’. This service primarily meant for the young generation. The channel is based in the United States and the headquarters are located at Burbank, California. It still is in the ownership of Walt Disney – ABC Television Group. The slogan of the channel is ‘A Little Forward’. This slogan initiated with the rebranding of ABC Family.

Why ABC Family UK Rebranded

ABC FamilyThe president of the ABC Family stated that the Freeform is basically meant to revive the spirit and adventure in its audience. Instead of using the content of ABC, the channel will broadcast its genuine content with a large variety of new and old shows. All the old shows that used to air on ABC Family will be available on Freeform. Sun-News Network faced challenges in receiving viewership numbers that never crossed an average of 8000 viewers. It was too less to be in competition with the other networks such as CBC News Network and CTV News Channel. you can also watch Fox News Live Streaming TV.

Headquarters and Programming:

‘Becomers’ basically meant to focus on younger ones who are at high schools and colleges and are having fresh experiences in life. Some original programs like Shadowhunter and Siren produced by Freeform itself. These aired on the channel. From 2011, it has been airing it’s original drama series on weekdays (from Monday to Friday). The comedy series telecasted every Wednesday.