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(Al Jazeera English News Arabic USA) Launched on November 15, 2006, by an Al-Jazeera Media Network. Al-Jazeera English (also known as AJE) is a Qatari pay television news channel. Headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It’s the Middle-East based first English language news channel. It has established its broadcasting centers in Doha and London. It broadcasts internationally with an initial target of reaching 40 million households but it reached double households as targeted. First, it was available through cable and satellite networks to more than 130 million households in 100 countries mostly across Europe. In August 2011, it became available in New York, after already being available in all America and In Canada. The channel approved for viewership in November 2009 but before that, it was only available through live online streaming.

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Currently, Al-Jazeera America airs almost 100% American programming but at its launch in 2013. Only 60% of the programming intended to be in America and the other 40% intended to be in Qatar. Al-Jazeera America and Al-Jazeera English worked closely despite their programming. In 2016, it announced to shut down due to economic issues. With its two main broadcast centers, in Doha and London. Al-Jazeera has a total of 21 bureaus that gather and produce news from around the world. Additionally, it shares resources with a total of 70 bureaus. you can also watch CNN News Live Streaming.

Al-Jazeera Europe

Al Jazeera English NewsIn 2014, Al-Jazeera moved all of its UK operations to the Shard of Glass, London. This facility has the capability of running on its own without any help from Al-Jazeera’s Doha hub. In 2013, Al-Jazeera Network planned to launch a channel named Al-Jazeera UK that would broadcast some UK content aired on Al-Jazeera English.