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Bravo TV is a Canadian channel that comes under the direct ownership of Bell Media. BRAVO TV launched 23 years ago in Canada as a modified Canadian version of Bravo (US) on 1st January 1995. The original channel of the US focuses on Arts, Drama series and movies. But this version of Bravo has dropped its focus on arts. It only airs scripted series and some mainstream movies. Some other TV films like Except the Dying, Poor Tom Is Cold and Under the Dragon’s Tail are worth mentioning.

Origin and Brief History of Bravo TV:

It’s headquarters and located in Ontario Canada. The slogan of it is ‘Very Bravo.’ Before the launch of Bravo, another channel named ‘C Channel’ existed in the market. The focus of the channel was on the arts. It later shut down as the company went bankrupt in 1983. 10 years after the shutdown, CMUH requested to Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to supply them a license to operate bravo in the Canadian region.

How Bravo TV Emerged

BRAVO TVTheir application for this channel accepted in 1994 and in 1995 Bravo emerged as a Canadian Channel that focused primarily on performance and drama programming. Some other documentaries and discussions also aired on the channel. here you can also enjoy CNN News TV Live Streaming.
Programming on Bravo (Canada).

In the beginning, some shorts films produced and performed by Canadian artists aired on the channel between different programs. These funded by a foundation of the channel itself, known as Bravo FACT. These movies made on a wide range of topics including comedy, drama, opera, animation, and jazz.