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(CBN News) Christian Broadcasting Network, an internationally seen religious television network. It founded 58 years ago. In 1960 by Pat Robertson. Owned by The Christian Broadcasting Network Inc. Its headquarters are based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Founded by a televangelist Pat Robertson. It launched one year later in 1961. It has played a leading role in the culture wars since it was founded in 1960. A religious cable network, CBN Satellite Service, launched by CBN in April 1977. Later it improved into CBN Cable Network with a little change in its programming. In 1988. Its corporate image changed into CBN Family Channel. Later the CBN name-dropped in 1990 and it sold to International Family Entertainment. Owned by Robertson’s son.

History CBN News TV Channel

CBN NewsPat Robertson was a recently born-again Christian when he founded this network. He collected small donations from locals and individuals to broadcast religious content one year later. The company started a program strictly for religious purposes, with sermons, interviews and religious music. It has successfully run as a religious broadcast with the help of regular donations. But in the late 1970s, it became increasingly political due to an added news segment. After undergoing various rebrandings and going through various changes of ownership it ended up under The Walt Disney Company in 2001 as ABC Family, known as Freeform. CBN is now a production company that produces fi syndicated shows including two of the original channel shows.

Affiliation of CBN TV

CBN News is the network’s journalist branch that provides updated news to the company’s mainstay as well as produces some other religious programs. CBN Asia produces various local programs according to the region as well as manages OBI (Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation). you can also watch CNN News Live Streaming.