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Sun News Network Canada Online Streaming

(Global Sun News Network) Owned by Quebecor Media, Sun News Network was a Canadian English language Category C news channel. TVA Group and Sun Media Corporation own it through a partnership. Both ultimately owned by Quebecor Media. Launched on April 18, 2011, Sun News Network, after attempting to get a category 1 license to operate in Canada, started operating under the Category 2 license granted by Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications in November 2010. It basically launched as a replacement for Sun TV. Most of the satellite and cable providers distributed this channel in Canada but only 40% of households subscribed to it. Due to the replacement of Sun TV by Sun News,  mistakenly referred to as Sun TV. you can also watch NBC News Live Stream Online. This caused problems regarding poor viewership.

Affiliation of Sun News Network

Sun News NetworkSun News Network faced challenges in receiving viewership numbers that never crossed an average of 8000 viewers. It was too less to be in competition with the other networks such as CBC News Network and CTV News Channel. The lack of viewership resulted in continuous failure for the channel. Later failed attempts to sell the network to some well-known companies lead to a complete shut down in February 2015. The Category 1 license would have given the channel the same status as CTV Channel and CBC News TV Network.

History Sun News Network Channel

Prior to the launch, a failed attempt to get a Category 1 digital specialty channel license gave a bad start to the channel. However, the license would have automatically reverted to a Category 2 license in 3 years time. The channel started with the Category 2 license.